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Supper club initiation

It’s taken a while to write this blog post but..I was very excited back in August to host my first supper club! I first heard about the underground restaurant thing through Ms Marmite Lover who has been the pioneer in bringing the secret dining phenomenon to the UK. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s basically having a big dinner party at your house but for strangers  and they pay for it, and it’s secret shhhhhhhh. Cooking for people is a big passion of mine (obvs), I quite like people and the whole ‘bringing people around a table old skool style’ along with introducing folk to new flavours and new people they might not ordinarily meet, all neatly added up to me giving it a go myself.

So I did a trial with friends and friends of friends. It was hectic, I was cooking and the bf was on waitering and washing up duties – who knew running a restaurant was such hard work?! Ha. Anyway, despite the two days of intense prep and the hurried chaos of washing up all the cutlery and crockery between courses because I didn’t have enough, it was a success! I got some great feedback (good stuff and things to change) and really enjoyed it. For those who are interested, the menu was:

Mint and apple mojito

Mar Hor (translation is galloping horses?! not sure of the connection)  – a Thai canapé consisting of a chunk of pineapple with a peanuty, salty, sweet, sour, hot topping – these are amazing, Google them and try

Peppadews filled with green olive tapenade and mozzarella – also really tasty and easy, if a little fiddly, but think that’s the way of the canapés

Chilled red pepper soup with homemade granary and seeded bread

Roast chicken Italian style with pickled green beans and rustic butter beans with wine, pancetta and other good stuff

Rhubarb crumble tart with homemade vanilla ice cream and rhubarb juuuus

Cheese, chutneys and crackers

So the next step is another trial I think, to iron out any sticky bits from the first attempt, then roll it out to the general public! As a bit of research and to see what it’s like to be on the other side, we popped along to Squisito’s Supper Club over in Monks Kirby a few weeks ago. It was a brilliant night with very good Italian food, great company all hosted by the generous and laidback hosts Alex and Sara. Definitely recommended if you fancy a meal out with a difference, the highlights being hearing the stories behind the ingredients and meeting some interesting, like-minded people who share a love of food and trying new things. It has given me renewed enthusiasm for starting up mine properly here in Leamington so look out for some dates coming soon in the new year… meanwhile have a look at the pics below





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