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Leamington Food Festival, Pudding Club and internet rage

Hi. It’s been a while. I was full of good intentions and really excited about starting this blog but – Virgin Media are complete jokers! Since we moved house *10 WEEKS* ago, we’ve been without internet! Phone data bills are building as is my rage. So the new blog has annoyingly been on hold but the very kind neighbours have offered their WiFi goodness through the wall so we now at least have limited access. That’s the state of play and boring stuff over..back to the food.

Highlights of the past 10 weeks have been Glastonbury, of course, with all its super street food, muddy boots and fantastic tunes; beautiful (and sunny!) Northumberland landscapes; a trip to the inaugural Warwick Food and Film Festival which actually consisted of zero film and a healthy dose of food (The Hungry Toad‘s meaty burrito and Afia’s chilli chicken and beef samosas being the highlights); discovering lots of different ways with raspberries due to the mountain in the garden (2.5kg+ in the freezer still); quiz and food at the newly refurbed Fat Pug in Leamington; pudding club with the girls which was extreme to the max, we were planning on making it a regular thing but the first night was so intense that we have indefinitely postponed the follow up, there were sugar hangover headaches and all sorts; The Cheese Society in Lincoln, a great little cafe with an insane amount of cheesy dishes, brilliant lunches and service; and my first supper club (woop woop) which was quite exciting so will warrant a post all of its own.

So that’s been my food related activities for the past couple of months. Next up, Leamington Food and Drink Festival this weekend, 7/8 September. This year will be a little different for me as I will be a punter for a change! For the past four years I’ve had a cake stall but this time I’ve decided to sit back and enjoy the festivities rather than slaving away over a hot stall (plus the cost has got too high, they should be supporting local businesses who run their thing from home as well as those which have premises in town, but this is a separate rant!) Anyway, it promises to be a fantastic event, my personal recommendations would be: Kuskus Foods for the best falafels I’ve ever had; Spice Fever for top notch samosas; lovely Leamington restaurant Queans who will hopefully be selling their ice cream which is amazing (peanut butter and chocolate ripple!!); The Jabberwocky for epic gourmet savoury and sweet toasties, fingers crossed they’ll have the banoffee which I’ve yet to sample; and for great deli bits including fresh tea leaves, biltong, chutneys, make your own cheese kits and lots more check out The Rustic Food Company (a little biased as I work there but they have some really good stuff, honestly!)

Now, I must get my thinking cap on for tonight’s meal and find another use for the mountain of courgettes…


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