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Food Tour of Glastonbury Festival 2013


The excitement has been rising for the past few days, Glastonbury Festival is so close I can almost feel the claggy mud on my legs, almost smell the stench of the long drops (lovely), almost hear the buzz from the teeming crowds and almost taste that first Brothers’ strawberry cider and Pieminister pastry. The music is touted as the main draw at Glasto but there’s so much more to see that I’m slightly overcome this year, worried I’m not going to be able to fit it all in over the five days we’ll be pitched up. The two previous visits in 2007 and 2008 were brilliant but this time, a little older, I’m looking forward to exploring the full range of treats the Worthy Farm extravaganza offers; top of the to-do list are chilling out at The Green Fields, catching some new music on the smaller stages, building a campfire, with a box of wine on tap, listening to Tristram Stuart in Speakers’ Forum (food waste guru, watch his brilliant TED talk here, inspirational stuff) and, of course, sampling all the foodie goodness. Food has become a pretty big deal to me over the past few years so being well fed at Glasto is near the top of my priority list this time around. I’ve been trying to investigate which food stalls are going to be there but the info is proving tricky to find as the official site doesn’t release a list of traders and elsewhere, online, you mostly have to scout around in forums and old blog posts to try and figure out who’s going to be there. There are a few sites and Twitter peeps that offer a snapshot of the line up – GlastoMap, Food Hawkers and @Glastronomy – but nothing comprehensive is available as far as I’ve seen (if anyone knows any different, then please let me and my greedy belly know).

So, I’ve compiled a list of the food stalls I’m going to be heading for (feel sorry for my Glasto companions – yes, I am one of those annoying people who will drag my friends around for hours to find that amazing pulled pork burrito I’ve read about on Twitter when they’d be happy to just sit down and tuck into the nearest food available  – but what if we’re missing out on something ridiculously good?!)

Meat Liquor at Deluxe Diner (from 2pm on Friday) – now then, I came across these guys online a while ago when they ran the Meat Wagon but have never actually tried their dirty burgers so am definitely up for joining the inevitable queue to see if they are worth the hype.

Chris Gillard at Beat Hotelvery excited about this place, it involves American style pancakes with Gloucester Old Spot Bacon and maple syrup, plus extreme doughnuts – caramel custard and salted honeycomb, anyone? Nuff said.

Goan Seafood Co. – this is a name that has cropped up in many of the forums and blogs I’ve explored – for breakfast, hot smoked salmon kedgeree and for laters they’ve got fish and veggie curries and dhals. Seems like they have a cult following plus it’s ethically and locally sourced grub = bonus points. Catch them at West Holts.

Strumpets with Crumpets – these lovely ladies have taken a classic British snack and added bells and whistles along the lines of Westcombe’s mature cheddar and chorizo, plum jam and creme fraiche, plus the standard – Marmite, honey and co. Their outfits and set up looking top notch too, William’s Green is where to find them.

Pieminister – a biggy but definitely a goody. I discovered these lovely pies back in 2007 and polishing off a Matador, washed down with Brothers’ cider is one of my fondest memories of that first Glasto year. I was a bit disappointed to learn that this year, Pieminister has upped sticks from West Holts and will be positioned between the Other Stage and Silver Hayes – the winning combo of cider + pie maybe lost unless I start trekking about with cider in hand which could happen, weather permitting.

Fresh Rootz – really good veggie and vegan curries, pakoras and also homemade cakes. They’re from Leamington Spa and were recently crowned winners of the BBC Good Food Show Best Midlands Street Food award, so they’re pretty ace and local to me woopwoop! #supportlocal Location unknown…

Roaming Rotisserie – big following on the forums. Whole rotisserie chickens with baby roast potatoes, seems great value and pretty damn tasty. Looks like a good shout for Sunday lunch. See these guys at William’s Green with the Strumpets.

Anna Mae’s – few southern street food bits but their speciality and what I’m interested in is the mac ‘n’ cheese – Don Macaroni has my name on it – pesto, bacon and basil. Nom. Perfect carb overload for those blurry eyed lunchtimes. Near Pyramid.

Jamon Jamon – making massive paellas since 2004 with great quality ingredients. Part of the KERB street food crew along with Anna Mae’s (brilliant initiative that’s worth checking out if you haven’t already, tagline is ‘making cities taste better’, lots of events with lots of grub). Sample their paella somewhere between William’s Green and Pyramid stage.

That’s enough to be getting on with but if I’m still peckish after that lot, the search will start for La Grande Bouffe (Yeoman’s Bridge, West Holts area; tartiflette, crepes), Hall’s Dorset Smokery (William’s Green; smoked meat, cheese, veg in bagels and wraps), Tor RFC Fajita Stall (next to cider bus, Pyramid; fundraising fajitas) and Grill Stock (West Holts; bbq ribs, pulled pork and all that good stuff).

If I’ve left off some unmissable places, please get in touch @kitchencrumbs or leave a comment below.

I can barely contain my excitement! Hope you all have a great time if you’re heading Somerset way next week. Find me on Monday morning slumped by the Brothers’ van in a food and cider induced happy stupor, basking in the praise of my knackered but satiated friends for organising an amazing food tour of Glasto 2013… mwahhaha I’ll show ‘em it’s worth those extra blisters… B x

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